Our mission is simple

"We create happy CRM users who enjoy using their CRM system, and satisfied customers who will never want to do without us again"

We do this by:

  1. Developing features that genuinely help our users with their daily operational tasks. We develop primarily to help our users with their daily routines, secondarily for management reporting purposes.

  2. Making the feature palette so extensive that users need only one business system. On everyday basis, our users need only open 360 Business Tool and Microsoft Office.

  3. Delivering solutions that are fast and stable in use. We want users who experience that their system responds immediately, never waiting for the system to respond.

  4. Taking responsibility that our customers achieve real value from using their system. We make an active effort to ensure our customers are satisfied, and experience that everyday work life becomes easier and business more profitable. Our customers must agree that their system is built for them, not vice versa.

  5. Providing customer support that effectively helps our customers. Our customers must feel that it always makes sense to contact our support helpdesk. A support inquiry must never feel like a waste of time.