Our end-users enjoy using their CRM system,
and our customers will never want to do without us

Customer Testimonials

The reason I recommend your system is quite simply that I have never encountered any other system, which matches it in terms of functionality and user friendliness. The system allows employees to focus on what they do best, and for a very competitive license fee.
Jan Ingrisch, Operations Managerm, Topdanmark

With 360 Business Tool, we found a system where we pay for what we use, instead of paying too much for features we do not need. Our Nordic KAMs travel a lot and therefore rely on easy access to customer data. We also use 360 Business Tool for geographic planning of our meetings, in order to minimize travel time between each customer.
Reza Rezai, Head of IBSA Nordic

The 360 team differentiated themselves by making the efforts to understand our business and assess our actual needs. Then we started out simple, enabling more features as our organization matured. Today, all of our sales representatives work in 360 Business Tool. It gives a completely different perspective, because now everyone can see whom the sales rep has contacted, and what was previously discussed with the customer.
Thomas Jørgensen, IT-Manager at G.K.M.

Every customer contact starts in 360 Business Tool. Our sales representatives are often on the road, which makes it essential that the customer history is up to date, so we can ensure the best possible customer service, regardless of who the customer is in contact with. 360 Business Tool is very intuitive to use and many of the features require no introduction.
Claus Brohus, Sales Director, Dansk Etiket Teknik

360 Business Tool has formed the core of our business since day one. It contains both our database of existing customers as well as leads and opportunities. We can find information on cold and warm leads, and we can query the database using any criteria we desire. With the geographical overview, we can plan our day in such a way that we visit the most amount of customers with the least amount of driving.
Furqan Akbar, Partner Business Center Zealand

We are really excited about using 360 Business Tool. The application is very intuitive and easy to use. We keep track of our personnel and we have a good overview of our quotes and cases. One does not need advanced IT skills to navigate the user interface, and new employees have quickly become acquainted with the system. We highly recommend 360 Business Tool to other companies.
Pia Jepsen, Jeppe Jepsen Carpentry

Sales processes in the medical technical industry are quite complicated. 360 Business Tool helps us with managing our time, sales cases and pipeline. We are very satisfied with the system, and in particular, with the support we receive from the team behind 360.
Tobias Bergenblad, Global Sales Director Scibase

The financial management module allowed our administration to gain a far better overview of our customers and sales activities. In fact, one might say that the system has effectively consolidated our business, which has benefited us both internally and externally.
Peter Frank, Director HB Køge Professional Football

360 Business Tool has replaced our previous customer archive, service history, CRM and time management solutions. We now have a much better overview of our customers, tasks and resources, while at the same time avoiding errors and double work. Another significant feature is time registration, where we have become much more structured and effective. We no longer perform manual registrations of tasks and time consumption. This has resulted in increased billing rate and better documentation of our work. The system synchronizes automatically with our e-mail and calendar, so we only need to plan in one system.
Brian Johansen, Owner, BJ Computers

We are extremely pleased with 360 Business Tool and the way the system was introduced to our company. In the wine industry, personal relations are very important, and the system helps us control our processes without compromising personal and individual contact with our customers.
Christian Madsen, Partner, Distinto Wine Import

In short, we have improved customer satisfaction by introducing well-documented management of our tasks and time consumption. Direct consequence - our billing rate has risen and cash flow improved through regular billing rather than monthly statements.
What more can you ask for?
Claus Christoffersen, CEO, Futurelink Solutions

360 Business Tool has proven a superb replacement for our legacy customer archive. We have a far better overview of our customers and we can organize our sales activities far more efficiently.
Michael Syberg, Sales Director XDC Group

We are really excited about some of the additional tools offered by 360 Business Tool. Now, we can settle for one system that meets all of our business requirements, and especially the marketing and segmentation tools have proved extremely valuable.
Ronny Banerjee, Director, Friskpresset & Scancup

360 Business Tool is an important tool for our accounting and human resources department. We use the system to manage information about suppliers, documents, invoices and payments. The system works fast, it is user friendly, and the cloud-based database means that we need not worry about availability, infrastructure, data backup etc.
Helge Raitanen, Director, Qroi Ltd