The Team

360 Business Tool is developed by sPeople - a team of highly experienced software developers and business consultants. Vi have developed business applications since the 1990’s, and implemented them in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Our software is also in use by very large companies wihtin the financial, telecom, pharmaceutical and public sectors.

In 2010, we decided to sell software in a new way. We wanted to offer our software to all sizes of companies, not only to the big ones, and we would deliver it in a way that would make it simple and affordable for new customers to start out. Therefore, we now offer 360 Business Tool as a subscription-based solution, where our customers pay a fixed monthly amount which includes maintenance, backup, support and upgrades.

Today small, medium and large companies in numerous industries use our system. Our customers include service companies, retailers, wholesalers, carpenters, consultants, manufacturing companies, bookkeepers, accountants, IT suppliers, telecom suppliers, pharmaceutical companies and even professional sports clubs.

With 360 Business Tool, we have developed a system that supports the entire business - hence the 360 name, which refers to 360 degrees, all the way around. We constantly improve our system based on customer input, and we take professional pride in providing genuine value for our customers.

Should you be in need something completely different, then please contact sPeople. We have the experience, we have developed all kinds of applications, and we will be happy to develop something for you as well. For us, it is not enough to have customers. We want customers where we add true value.

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